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Instructor Training Program

Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) Certificate Program

  • Course Overveiw
    About YIC

    YIC (Yoga Instructor’s Course) is a 200 hrs programme offered by Vivekananda Health Global (VHG). It helps individual to shape their personality and transform the knowledge in a holistic manner. The course is a combination of theory and practice conducted by the Doctors and trained professionals. The holistic way to prevent diseases, promote positive health and wellbeing in the society.

  • Our Teaching Methodology
    What Differentiates us

    Our teaching methodology is unique to us and aims at comprehensive coverage of all fundamentals of yoga philosophy.                                                                         

    • + Authentic way of understanding yoga through Triguna and Panchakosha model.
    • + Strong foundation through Principals of Anatomy and Physiology.
    • + Understanding of our ancient text on yoga.
    • + Compulsory internship to be sufficiently knowledgeable to teach yoga scientifically.

  • Course Curriculum
    What is included in the training program?

    This course transforms the student’s ability to learn yoga and provides a platform to teach yoga individually.                                                                        

    • + Anatomy
    • + Physiology
    • + Yoga Philosophy
    • + Meditation
    • + Theory & Practice of research-based yoga modules

  • Why Join YIC
    Reasons to opt for our YIC program

    Beyond being just a yoga instructor, our YIC course opens up the door for infinite possibilities in your passion for yoga. Following are some highlights.

    • + Provides knowledge of Holistic living and not merely training on yoga postures and Meditation alone.
    • + Making Yoga a socially relevant science.
    • + Professionally qualified yoga instructors.
    • + Our Course will leave you transformed like never before and will also inspire you to transform others.
    • + Better quality of of life for you and people around you.
    • + YIC qualifies you for higher yoga education at S-VYASA Yoga University

  • Up Coming Batches
    Contact US

    Flexible batches are available based on your time availability. Kindly contact us for further information.