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  • Cyclic Meditation
    VY[A] CM (Cyclic Meditation)

    In our day-to-day life, we relax deeply and yet often unconsciously by stretching and yawning.

    In Cyclic Meditation, we stretch consciously and systematically, and then we relax using standard postures like Padahastasana, Ardha Cakrasana and Ardhakati Cakrasana. We also use sitting Asanas like Sasankasana and Ustrasana. These postures provide stimulation at the muscular level.

    A cyclic of alternating stimulation and relaxation allows us to go into deep silence.

    VY[A] CM™ helps us to create brilliant and excellent health. It guides us in attaining stress-free maturity in our life journey. It stimulates our sleepy mind, relaxes us and reduces our distractions. It allows us to recognize our deep-rooted stress and to release them. Lastly, it aids us in achieving stability of our mind and prevents us from being easily disturbed.

    Cyclic Meditation is available online as well.

  • Pranic Energisation Technique
    VY[A] PET (Pranic Energisation Technique)

    Prana is the Sanskrit word for “Life Force”. Prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifested in the universe. This life energy, Prana, has been clearly invoked and described in the Vedas.

    VY[A] PET™ works at Pranamaya Kosha level and brings balance at this level, and it uses the Pranic Energy to revitalize all organs and systems in our body.

  • Mind Sound Resonance Technique
    VY[A] MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique)

    To get resonance at body level by mind and sound is MIND SOUND RESONANCE

    Resonance changes the mind

    Sound is in the “present”
Mind is in the “past” or the “future”

    In VY[A]MSRT™, mind Is brought to the “present”

    VY[A] MSRT™ increases our vitality, releases us from bondage, and enables us to overcome fear, including the fear of death.

  • Other Meditation
    Other Meditation Techniques

    We use a host of other meditation techniques as well. Two common techniques we use are the following.                                          

    • + OM Meditation
    • + Jyoti Trataka