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VY Positive

Bring Optimal level of health in every aspect of life.

More about this program

  • VY Positive Program

    VY[+]™ stands for Vivekananda Yoga for Positive Health™. These programs are designed to bring all participants to optimal levels of health in every aspect of life like:

    • Physical: Fitness, immune system, stamina, beauty and eyesight

    • Mental: Improved concentration, IQ, memory and emotional stability

    • Social: Healthy interpersonal relationships

    • Emotional: Mastery over anger, fear, anxiety and depression

    • Spiritual: Inner joy with right knowledge and confidence

  • VY Positive - Active
    VY[+]™ ACTIVE

    VY[+]™ ACTIVE incorporates traditional yogic techniques
based on the classical texts of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The focus is to build physical and mental strength through these ancient practices:

    • Asanas (Postures)
    • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Meditation
    • Kriyas (Cleansing Techniques)
    • Trataka (Eye Exercise)

  • VY Positive - Cardio
    VY[+]™ CARDIO

    VY[+]™ CARDIO s designed to improve cardiovascular functioning, burn calories and sculpt a lean, toned body. It is essential for maintaining optimal functioning of the heart and lungs and increases flexibility due to series of intense asanas designed to produce sweat and offer a real work-out.

  • VY Positive - Dynamic
    VY[+] Dynamic™ I & II

    Designed with a flow, VY[+] DynamicTM offers the practitioner a non-stop series of asanas performed in succession in order to discover inner rhythm. The non-stop nature of VY[+] Dynamic helps to gain control over breathing patterns whilst maintaining a steadily-paced physical practice. VY[+] Dynamic II builds on the level of postures practiced in VY[+] DynamicTM I.

  • VY Positive - Hatha
    VY[+] HATHA I & II

    VY[+] Hatha combines breath regulation and the static maintenance of postures for a length of time. It involves basic postures done in slow pace and is based on a traditional, ancient practice described in the Hathayoga Pradipika. VY[+] Hatha offers the participant further scope to dwell deep into the asana practice through its slow, steady approach. Awareness of breath and maintenance of postures for lengthy duration, allows for gradual cessation of thought and the ability to achieve meditative states during the asana practice. VY[+] Hatha II built on the asanas performed in VY[+] Hatha I