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An all-comprehensive yoga crash course.

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  • Details of Live-Well
    What is it?

    An all-comprehensive yoga crash course.

    The program aims to lay the foundation of VY active yoga comprising of various postures, pranayama, and meditation and relaxation techniques.

    “Integrated approach of Yoga Therapy for Positive Health” is a very popular book on Yoga which covers the content of this course. This book is authored by the Founders of S-VAYSA yoga university- Dr Nagarathna, MD ( Gen Med), FRCP ( Edinburgh) and Dr HR Nagendra , ME, Ph.D . Live-Well program candidates will be provided with this book for better understanding of what is taught during this short course and for their future reference.

  • For Whom?
    Who Should Attend?

    Suitable for people on vacation in Trivandrum. This program is beneficial for Students and Adults. This will be private sessions.

  • Duration
    Timings and Duration

    The program is available in 1 week and 2 weeks format. The participants are expected to spend 2 hours per day at our center.